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Classic Skin

Power Soft Skin

Author: MaXiM Author: ZanoZa
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ICQ: 193099084 ICQ: 228255071
How to install: built-in How to install: read...
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Yellow Skin

Russian Skin

Author: ZanoZa Author: ZanoZa
E-mail: E-mail:
ICQ: 228255071 ICQ: 228255071
How to install: read... How to install: read...
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Dynamic Notes 3.67

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Build date: 8/19/2013
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Quick information

Dynamic Notes is a multi-featured notes organizer, reminder and scheduler allowing you to create electronic sticky notes and display them at a set time. The program is very easy to use and has low system requirements.

Interface languages

English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Maltese, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Chinese, Greek, Portuguese, Korean, Romanian, Danish, Serbian, Finnish, Czech, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Hebrew, Indonesian, Turkish, Croatian, Slovak, Arabic

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