Freebie Notes: Options - Others

You can use this tab to set some program settings.


These options allow you to set sounds for the following events:
  • Remind
  • This event takes place if you set the "Remind Later" mode for a note.
  • Late Note
  • This event takes place if a note is displayed too late (for example, an hour or a day later than it should have been displayed).
  • Show Note (Default)
  • This event takes place when a note is just displayed on the desktop.
  • VIP Note
  • This event takes place when a VIP note is displayed on the desktop.
    The sound of the "VIP Note" event will be played every second while such a note is on the desktop.

    Select an event from the drop-down list and specify the name of a sound file and the path to it in the "Sound Path" field or use the "Browse..." button. You can test the selected sound with the "Test" button. Restore the default settings with the "Set Default" button.

    Default Note

    To customize the default note, use the "Change…" button that opens the "Add New Note" window. Here you can specify all the necessary settings for the default note. To restore the original default settings, use the "Reset To Default Settings" button.
  • Use random color for each note
  • If this checkbox is selected, a random color scheme will be applied to each new note regardless of the default settings.
  • Use random position for each note
  • If this checkbox is selected, each new note will appear in a random position on the desktop.


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