Free key for Desktop Notes

Attention! You don’t need a key to Freebie Notes, the program is absolutely free!

You’ll need a key to use Power Notes and Dynamic Notes. (The three software products are compared here.)

There are four ways for receive FREE KEY:

Way #1 (The new Translation for the Program)

As you know our programs have multilingual interface, and we need people who can translate them into new languages. All words and phrases are stored in the one text file. Just translate this file and the registration key will be send for you. If you're interested in this job, please contact us:

Way #2 (Proofreading an Existing Translation)

We need proofreading and editing of the translations for the following languages:
Maltese, or Greek.
If you're interested in this job, please contact us:

Way #3 (Make a new skin for Power Notes or Dynamic Notes)

As you know, our programs now support a fully skinnable interface, and we are interested in your new original skins. Skin samples…

To create a skin:

  • Download Skin Maker (633 KB) – a small utility for creating skins.
  • Export a sample file in *.bmp format from Skin Maker using the "Save picture" button.
  • Using the saved example, create your own *.bmp file (change program toolbar, icons, etc.)
  • Import the *.bmp file to Skin Maker using the "Load Picture" button.
  • Provide information about the skin. The "Skin Name" and "Author’s Name" fields are mandatory; others are optional (the information will be shown on our web site).
  • On the "Skin" menu, click "Save" to save the file in *.pss format or press Ctrl+S.
  • Send the *.pss file at our .

Way #4 (Papers, Reviews, Articles, Proofreading...)

This is your way, if you can write professional papers, reviews, or articles about our programs in English, German, Spanish, or French, or if you can proofread this site or the help files. Write an article about any of the three programs (approximately 4000 characters) and send it to us.

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